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Devil Trigger Dante
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United States
I'm a cosplayer who specializes in exotic weapons and costumes, especially those revolving around the Devil May Cry series :P If it's unique, and if the idea grabs me, I'll give it a shot.

I also do some digital artwork, some photography, and occasional poetry as well

I do take prop commissions. I make swords, guns, and jewelry (no armor or full costumes at the moment, sorry). If you have need of my skills, feel free to send me a note and we'll work something out :)
This year is already half over, and it has been a hell of a ride thus far. I've been doing/trying a lot of new things in the world of prop building. Some have had some serious success, others were failures to a degree. The way I approach it, as long as you learned something, it's not a complete waste. A few props didn't quite turn out right, and one armor project was a dud...but I took note of what I did right, salvaged what I could, and moved on.

Highpoints/successes of this year so far have been the Gears of War costume (armor, guns, etc) which was a smashing success. That one I experimented with new materials for building the Lancer, a process that carried over to the Alucard guns. Also tried my hand at some Borderlands 2 guns and overall had successful outcomes. The Mad Moxxi Bad Touch (with the Light Up magazine!) and the Vladof Infinity were both awesome outcomes. Also proud of my DmC - Devil May Cry props. I believe I am either the first or one of the first to make the Aquila. I'm proud to report to date the Ebony has my personal best record for fastest build. Completely built and painted that baby in 3 days.

Armor wise, I tried using foam for mobility with my upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4 Raiden costume and that turned out nicely. It's a lovely blend of flexibility and durability. Used the salvaged armor from the failed Space Marine project as the base to my upcoming Iron Man armor. Tried something new for the arm assembly which at least in test fitting, looks very promising.

It wasn't a new process, but it was also a pleasure to make a new sword for Raiden out of mahogany (<3 that wood). Also, completed the sheath to Sam's blade from Metal Gear Rising, which turned out phenomenally. Lot of work, but the turnout was worth it

Current and upcoming projects include adding the final touches to MGS4 Raiden (done for all intents and purposes) and of course finishing the Iron Man armor. I'll be gunning for the damaged/half on look from Iron Man 3 :P

Also want to make a Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, so that'll entail the mask and at least one of the guns. Loved that movie to pieces...if you haven't seen it yet, you really should. I'm also thinking something Borderlands, and revisiting my old haunt, Devil May Cry.

Feel free to visit my gallery and see what I've been rambling about. If you want to commission a prop, send me a private note, and we'll work something out :)

Until we meet again,

*dante salute*
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Red Hood - Preview by alucard27
Red Hood - Preview
A friend pointed out earlier this year I have definitely gotten more into comic cosplay than before

Jason Todd is the latest on this list. The helmet was built from scratch (first time I used modge podge). I sewed the bat symbol onto the shirt as well. Overall, I'm going for the Red Hood and the outlaws look, though the helmet is based on "Under the Red Hood"

Jason is probably my favorite DC character. For the longest time, I wasn't into DC since the characters aren't as gritty as the Marvel, Dark Horse, etc. universes. Red Hood piqued my interest as a serious badass and got me interested in DC characters again
Waiting by alucard27
I didn't manage to get out on halloween night, but I did do a presentation on making a costume for school today so I decided to dress as DMC4 Dante. After class took a few pictures with a friend of may see more of the set at a later date

Felt good revisiting this costume, not unlike seeing an old friend again. The gold buckles are new by the way..they really make the costume pop

Cosplay: :iconalucard27:
Photographer: DJ Carlson
Devil May Cry 4, Dante, etc copyrighted to CAPCOM
Power Struggle by alucard27
Power Struggle
Finally got this photomanip looking pretty close to what I had in mind

This is a shot of my DmC-Devil May Cry Dante at Motor City Comic Con that I adjusted to look like Hollow Dante in Vergil's Downfall. I played with the colors to try to get the overall psychedelic look the game has going on

Dante, Vergil, DmC-Devil May Cry, and Vergil's Downfall copyrighted to CAPCOM and Ninja Theory
Baal Pattern Bolt Pistol - Warhammer 40k by alucard27
Baal Pattern Bolt Pistol - Warhammer 40k
Finally finished. Decided on a very shiny take on the Bolt Pistol, based on the Blood Angels' style livery. I didn't formally add any distinguishing marks in the event I want to add another chapter's markings. Also, in this present form, either Loyalist or Chaos could use this (worst case it's a trophy from a fallen foe)

The gems on the grip are custom cut from the lense of a headlight I found

I'm not one for gold normally, but I do like the turnout on this puppy. Very proud it made it through modding and painting and still fires foam darts (pistol range, but still)


Warhammer 40k, Bolt Pistol, Blood Angels, etc. are copyrighted to Games Workshop...this is just fan work

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