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War of the Lanterns
In the same vein as the Injustice series of figures I did, my lady found this lil guys at the store and I was inspired as they were perfect for repainting. Left to right we have

In Darkest Knight Batman: It has mad the rounds many times on the internet about the ramifications of Batman having a green lantern ring. In this story, the writers did just that..effectively created Lantern Bat. I added the base and cape and repainted the figure (he was originally red)

Black Hand: The one behind the legendary Blackest Night story arc, this guy was what actually kicked off this set of figures. I was looking at the figure and thought he looked a lot like the Black Lantern, so a lil paint and viola.

Red Lantern Hal Jordan: As is likely obvious by now, I have a thing for the Red Lantern corps. My collection of Funko Pop! figures needed someone to represent the Reds, so I figured Hal was the logical choice. He has my semi-standard custom decal and a lantern symbol base (as a nod to the DC direct line)

(This is all fanart for personal use..all rights reserved to DC comics)
Hal Jordan as Parallax
This is one of the last in my series of Injustice themed figures

I saved this one for last as I have been of fan of Parallax since I heard from a friend that Hal Jordan had turned evil (waaaay As well as taking the picture my lady cheered me on as I was hesitant to take on this project. I'm pleased I did Hal justice

This figure started as a Superman...the shoulders & collar are sculpted from putty. Then a full repaint and clear coat.
Injustice - Group 6
Sixth batch of dollar store figures repainted. Left to right we have

Brightest Day Batman - This Batman came in a 5 piece set that had a stunning Deadshot. However, I thought a different paintjob would spruce this Bruce up. My lady suggested I do the Brightest Day color scheme that we discovered in Batman:Arkham Origins to go with the White Lantern Wonder Woman. The two compliment each other nicely. I was very pleased with how the eyes came out as this is one of the first times I've tried the shadowed look. The symbol is a homemade decal mounted on a piece from a Blood Bowl Orc

Sinestro - He really needs no introduction, the leader of the Sinestro Corps started as a Superman ironically. Completely redid the figure, including the eyes. The head especially took a lot of recarving. As has been my new protocol, symbol is a decal

Earth 2 Batman - Thomas Wayne stepping up after Bruce fell during Darkseid's invasion. Pretty straightforward repaint, no conversion needed really. Love the blood red cape :P
The Kaalvar
The Red Lantern ship Kaalvar, featured in the awesome new 52 series of the same name (until it got smashed)

Made with an old firework thing (not live and a combination of GI Joe parts and model scraps. Generally used with Zilius Zox as the two were kind of connected in the storyline

[Copyrighted to DC comics, this is just fanart]
Injustice - Group 5 - In Blackest Night
Fifth batch of dollar store figures repainted. This time I went with the "Blackest Night" plot arc theme for all of them. Left to right we have

Orange Lantern Lex Luthor - Deputized by Larfleeze, Lex had a short run as a lantern before his ring was taken back. Original color scheme was bloody awful, so after toying with the idea of an Injustice color scheme, decided to go with this idea. Kinda went the route of a Wh40k space marine for the armor, but I like the turn out. The lantern symbol is a custom made decal

White Lantern Wonder Woman - Originally was gonna try for her Star Sapphire outfit, but went with this (classier) one instead. At the very end of the story, most of the Justice League became White Lanterns to defeat the Black Lantern Corps for good. The belt buckle is from a Blood Bowl orc, and the decal is again custom

Black Lantern Martian Manhunter - We can't very well have Blackest Night without at least one Black Lantern to represent. Inspired by the Injustice mobile incarnation, this one started as a Superman figure with a new head. I know I missed a little of the red at the bottom of the boots, but this one overall still turned out well


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