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Chaos' Warm Welcome by alucard27
Chaos' Warm Welcome

Kind of returning to my roots so to speak in fandom...I present Devil May Cry 3 in 40k scale. Been working at making a set of figures for a tabletop DMC game, and these are the latest batch

On the left is Dante in his Beowulf Devil Trigger (converted from human blood bowl figure, think empire? Head from a Johnny Alpa Heroclix figure, wings i made from scratch)

On the right is an Enigma, made from a bunch of spare genestealer parts I had no other use for, some zoids parts, and one unfortunate orc's hand

Qwardian Power Battery by alucard27
Qwardian Power Battery
Lately I've been on a Sinestro Corps lately, and after having bought a ring, I decided it needed the accompanying lantern

Construction is mostly plastic with some wire and metal parts. If I ever do Injustice Nightwing or Sinestro Corps Batman, I'll be ready :P

If you are interested in a lantern battery of your own (I can make different corps, this was the test subject), send me a private note and we can work out the details
Flashpoint Batman - 3.75 in scale by alucard27
Flashpoint Batman - 3.75 in scale
I got a reverse flash recently for my collection and thought it would be fitting to have a Flashpoint Batman of the same (or turned out similar) scale for display

As there aren't many flashpoint versions of Batman available, I bought a DC Multiverse Arkham Origins Batman and repainted it
Injustice - Group 3 by alucard27
Injustice - Group 3
Third batch of dollar store figures repainted. Left to right (as always)

Red Hood: This is the pre new 52 version of Jason Todd that had a partner named Scarlett that clashed with Dick Grayson & Damian Wayne's Batman & Robin in the Revenge of the Red Hood story arc. The costume is a little gawdy, but I just had to take a crack at it. I used a Superman as a base, replaced the head with a sculpted helmet, sanded then repainted.

Batman of Zur-En-Arrh: Regardless if you prefer this as the alien version of Batman from Planet X or as his backup personality, this costume is definitely an attention getter. The color scheme alone made this a challenge to the painter in me. This is one of my best painted bats on the chest btw

Nightwing: Dick Grayson needs no introduction, and since finding the figure in the series was impossible (I've only seen it in a set on Amazon), I decided to make my own. Using a superman as a base again, I took off the cape, filled in the gaps with putty, drilled out the hands and made the escrima sticks from some gun barrels off some toy soldiers. The positive is that the figure is in a significantly more dynamic pose than the actual one. Went with the blue color instead of the new 52 red because I've always associated nightwing with blue and black. I think it turned out pretty good considering I was painting it half asleep :P
Just like my old man... by alucard27
Just like my old man...
Terry's answer after Bruce said "You're a stubborn piece of work, you know that"


Brought Arkham Knight version of the Batman Beyond suit out for free comic book day this year. The knee pads are a new addition as well as the leg straps. I also did some retooling to the helmet. Stole the DMC2 gloves as it looks better than the mk I gauntlets. To me the end result looks a lot better than halloween

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And thank you :) Nice to know people appreciate my work
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